Sunday, December 20, 2009

as strong as a moose!

20 weeks

23 weeks

i realized i hadn't posted any belly shots recently so here's a couple for you.

a little story for your laughing pleasure...

beginning at 20 weeks, i now see my doctor every 2 weeks. i get an ultrasound as well as a physical examination. this is to check my cervix to make sure it's not thinning or shortening, which are both signs of premature labor.

so at 20 weeks i went to my first one of these appointments. i was laying down on the table while my doctor was doing the physical exam. all of the sudden he said to me "your cervix is as strong as a moose!" i laid there thinking, what did he just say?? i thought he said, "your cervix is a little loose." so i said to my doctor, "what????" he then asked, "do you know what a moose is?" i realized what he said and told him yes. he then proceeded to tell me all about moose. how they are strong creatures and that wolf packs won't even approach them and blah, blah, blah. he went on for what seemed like 15 mintues about these moose! all the meanwhile i'm still on the table, exposed, and well, you know, my feet were still in the stirrups, people!!!! i politely entertained his story with obligatory "oh really's" and "wow's," but all i really wanted to do was to take my legs out of the stirrips, sit up, and put my clothes on!

i like my doctor a lot, but he IS a little quirky. i've heard from a few people that he tells wacky stories but as often as i've seen him, i haven't really been on the receiving end of one of these until now. i told my friend who delivered 2 children with him and she just kept saying, "oh my gosh. you must have wanted to die!"
yep, pretty much.

so, my cervix is as strong as a moose. good to know.
ken didn't go with me to with this appointment (oh how i wish he did so he could have been witness to this story!), so when i left the doctor's office, i made sure to call him right away.
i got his voicemail and left a message. "hi honey. everything went great. my cervix is as strong as a moose. call me when you get a chance. love you."

seriously though, i've had appointments now at 20 and 22 weeks and everything is going very well. actually this week he said my cervix looked better than average. so all good news here. my next appointment will be in my 25th week. my doctor wants to see me the day before we're supposed to fly to austin for matthew's birthday so he can give me the all clear to travel.

thank you to everyone who checks my blog for updates. i'll try to write more often! and thank you very much for keeping me and baby schwalbe in your prayers. please keep praying for us. i have a lot of anxiety as i approach 28 weeks, which is when i delivered matthew.
one last's a picture outside of our house where we're standing in the 2 feet of snow we got yesterday! we're still digging out! love to you all...merry christmas!!

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