Monday, October 19, 2009

pregnancy pictures

i've been asked by a few people to post some pregnancy pictures so without further ado...(by the way, it is TRUE that you show much faster with the second!)

10 weeks
12 weeks

14 weeks

i'm feeling really good with a lot more energy now that i'm in my second trimester. i didn't get sick with this pregnancy like i did with matthew thanks to the wonder drug zophran. my doctor didn't want me to lose weight in my first trimester like i did with matthew (i lost close to 10 lbs) so he put me on it. since about 12 weeks i've only taken it twice so i think the morning sickness is just about over. i'll try to remember to post a preggo picture every few weeks or so...i know we're not all the way over in greece anymore, but we're still pretty far from family and close friends in north dakota, arkansas, and texas and we want to share this experience with you.

i'll let you in on a little secret. even though we're not finding out, i have a strong feeling this baby is a girl. i feel completely different that i did with matthew. maybe because i'm in a better shape. i don't know. what i do know is that i didn't really crave much with matthew, if anything it was salty and fried. with this one, i crave everything sweet. thank goodness it's gotten pretty cold outside because i was eating ice cream like it was going out of style! i have purchased 5 girl outfits and ken said i couldn't buy anymore until the baby arrives. i was also calling the baby "she" but ken doesn't want "she" to have a complex in case "she" is a "he." so i've renamed the baby " 'lil bug."

we've had a lot of questions as to why we're not finding out since we did with matthew. the answer is that we were surprised by this blessing from the Lord and we do not care what we're having. a healthy child that we can have on earth with us is all that we want. this is one of the true surprises in life and we're looking forward to experiencing it!


Patti said...

Not knowing seemed so hard for the 9 months we waited for Brooklynn, but now I am so glad that we didn't know what our grandbaby was. The true thrill of not only having a new baby in the family but the excitement of "what is it???" was the VERY best. I loved it!!!!

Carly K. said...

You look great, your bump is so cute! I'm praying for you and thinking good thoughts!