Thursday, October 22, 2009

new house pictures

we are homeowners squared!! instead of buying our second home in the hamptons (ha ha!) we purchased one in annapolis! it was built in 1958 and to steal the words of our appraiser, "it's in pristine condition...just like dick van dyke still lives there!" we have a lot of updating to do.

the house is in a wonderful location across from the navy football stadium in a neighborhood called admiral heights. when we went to closing, i received 2 gifts. flowers from the sellers (how sweet is that??), and a nice bottle of wine from the title company. we left the closing and ken and i drove over to the house. and yes, my sweet husband carried me into our new house...thankfully for his back, i'm only 4 months pregnant and have only gained 2 pounds! i was telling ken how sweet the housewarming gifts were. then, playfully, i asked him what he got me for a housewarming gift. he paused for a moment and with a big smile he said, "a house!"

uhhhhhhhh right....good point! :)

the front of the house (the green awnings will be gone soon!)
ken standing between our current dining room (which will be expanded) and the formal sitting/living area

check out these vintage appliances!! the current kitchen will be converted into a full bathroom.

more of the current kitchen

our one and only pepto bismol and gray bathroom. it will be reglazed to white next week.

the master bedroom. aren't the original hardwood floors gorgeous?

this side of the room will be a small sitting/TV area

this side of the room will be the new kitchen

the formal sitting/living room area. under the shag carpet are the original hardwood floors.

i'm going to redo the fireplace by painting and getting different stone for the landing

the detached 2 car garage...our boat's new home

the long back yard

the site of my new organic garden behind the garage


Henninger Family said...

I just love the shag carpet =)

Congratulations on the new house!!

Carly K. said...

Congrats on your new house, it looks awesome! Iknow that area, it is so beautiful! Thank you SO much for your comment on my blog and your prayers. I appreciate your friendship so much. You and your family are in my prayers as well.