Friday, August 14, 2009

got crabs?

we were walking down to our dock and i said to ken, "honey, what if i get crabs while you're gone?"

yeah...we both stopped and cracked up laughing.

what i meant was that we have a crab pot and i wasn't sure if i could get the crabs out without ken's help. (he was in VA for a class last week.)

anyway, after he got back we cooked up our first batch of crabs. yum yum! a few photos and a couple of videos i couldn't resist sharing to give you a chuckle...
echo really wanted to get the crabs
the prize crabs

echo getting bit by the crab
(press the play button on the left)
echo's battle scar on her nose

echo knocking over the crab bucket
(i'm considering entering it into america's funniest home videos!)
we gottcha!! crabs are better with shiners!


Joy said...

It's good to hear you laughing. Hope the crabs were awesome!

Patti said...

That is way too funny!!!! what a great place for you all to be. I love Annapolis!!!!!

laura said...

i agree it was wonderful to hear you laughing. can't wait to see you guys!