Wednesday, July 1, 2009

~ celebrate orders ~ !

with a 2.5 week notice for leaving greece and both of us working full-time, we hardly had time to breathe. i have many stories/photos to share so i will do so over several posts in the coming weeks. today we are leaving for a 2-week road trip to NC, TN, AR, and TX. we hope to see as many of you as we can, but our primary purpose is to spend some time at our son's grave on the 6 month anniversary, july 11th. all the friends and family we get to see along the way will be a sweet bonus!

when we got our orders, i found out first because ken was in the states for a class. so 5 days later when he got home, we celebrated!! thanks mark and jessica for the champagne! (the one we drank is not pictured...the andre $3 bottle was more or less one i shook up and squirted everywhere!) our friends gave us a nice bottle when ken made lieutenant commander last year. i was saving it for a special occasion and i thought that would be the night we brought matthew home.

instead it was this night...


Kristie said...

Seriously, we miss you already!

Anonymous said...

There is that t-shirt again!!!
Carrie Matthews