Sunday, June 7, 2009

welcome home (to florida)

no, our orders did not change to florida so don't panic.

3 days before ken's class in dayton, ohio he won an ebay auction for a stylin' 2000 cadillac catera from a dealer in florida. we can only assume the previous owner was a sweet old papu (grandpa in greek) who barely drove (the car has 60k miles).

moments after he left the dealership; something was wrong.

why?? because my mom always says, life is not always easy. and also, sometimes, drama is my middle name (though i don't provoke it!) i wasn't even in the country!

but seriously, who cares if the car is broken.


since ken moonlights as a mechanic (not really; but he REALLY could), my hubby pulled over to autozone (yes, he was IN HEAVEN), got the more- than-we-were-excited-about-paying-for part (something to do with the radiator) and fixed it. of course he did! :) it's ken! and it also needs new tires. soon. but, again, who cares!

a few hours later he arrived in gainsville and stayed with our sweet friends, deb and ben, and also got to meet their precious son jack, and see sweatpea and button (the wonder cats).

but dear lord, he must have no clean shirts left, because AGAIN he wore the UGLY BURNT ORANGE TEXAS TEE.

if you're buying him a christmas gift this year or a birthday gift next april, for the love of pete, please buy him a t-shirt. anything will do.

your alma mater, texas tech, navy, texas a&m, or whatever college town you live in.

it's killing me. i have already succumbed to retiring in the wonderful town of austin (because i love the city; not the school!), and when we lived there in '06 i even went with ken to some football games, and puked at every touchdown and 'eyes of texas' song.
but seriously...he cannot wear this shirt ALL THE TIME! this RED RAIDER can't handle it. i sure hope the box carrying it doesn't fall off the ship while traveling across the mediterranean and atlantic oceans! :)

i'm off to count how many pictures i have of ken in this shirt, even though i should be organizing my list of THINGS THAT MUST GET DONE THIS WEEK (it's now 5 sheets long).

of all the pictures i have of ken, i'm going to bet he's wearing this hideous t-shirt in 85% of them.
i know....enough already.
good night. sweet dreams.


Laura said...

Does Ken have the UT National Championship T-shirt? If not he really needs that one. Don't worry, I will definitely get him a shirt from my alma mater. You do know I got my master's at UT right...

Can't wait to have you back in the US!

Carly K. said...

Congrats on your orders!!! That is great and I'm sure a relief. I emailed you about the info you asked for, just wanted to make sure you got it so you have it when you get to DC!!

Carly K. said...

Don't even worry about it! I just wanted to make sure you got it because I know my name on my email acct. is confusing. I live about 50 miles from Annapolis. Not sure if you've been before, but Annapolis is gorgeous! Take care and good luck w/ the move.

Kathleen said...

Cortney, I love your blog. You make me chuckle. I consider myself very fortunate that you are Kenneth's wife. It will be good to have you both back in the USA. Love and hugs, Kathleen

Sandra Neish said...

See you in DC, bee-yatch!!! We'll have some fun, fun, fun! I'll take you out for a girlz nite...whenever we manage to get there with the whole PCS nightmare thingy going on...just so F-ING HAPPY you'll be there, too! See you soon, CHICA!!!