Saturday, June 27, 2009

home sweet home

just a quick note to let everyone know we made it! and also....i really can't believe MJ died while we were in flight. so sad.

so...we will be annapolis in the next day or two and from there, we don't know exactly what our travel schedule will be. echo needs to have a growth removed, which is in her mouth and now infected, AND we seriously underestimated how tired the last 2.5 weeks were going to make us. so we all need to recover a bit.

we're not sure what day ken will need to start work so hopefully we get that settled this weekend. i can 99% guarantee we will be in austin on july 11, the 6 month anniversary of our little boy's departure from this earth to heaven.

we can't wait to see your shiny faces and hug your necks!
love, ken, cort and echo!

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