Friday, January 2, 2009

27 weeks

when i went to the doctor this week, i discovered that i somehow got ahead of myself. this week marks week 27, not 28. if you scroll down and see my pictures at 25 weeks (which was really at 24 weeks), you'll notice that my belly has become GIANT! that's because we're having a BIG baby. the baby measured over 3 lbs this week (the average baby at 27 weeks weighs 2-2.2 lbs.) we discussed our birth plan with the doctor and everything seems to be progressing normally. i also got my list of everything i have to bring to the hospital. we have to provide everything like sheets, diapers, supplementary formula, etc. hopefully i'm only there 3 days which is the minimum for a vaginal delivery. if i have to have a c-section, the minimum stay is 5 days. in greece they don't kick you out after the baby pops out!!

stats for 27 weeks
- weight gain to date - 8 kilos (17 lbs)
- not really craving caramels as much but i'll still eat them if they are right in front of me.
- i just had to have snickers ice cream bars last week.
- back pain is increasing but the massager ken got from aunt granny deb for christmas is working great!
- shaving my legs is becoming quite difficult so i only shave 1x/week. last time i cut myself!
- still going to yoga but sometimes i only manage 2x/week.
- my belly button is on the verge of popping out.
- tums intake averaging 10 per day!
- experienced my first pregnancy charlie horse while sleeping the other night. i yelled out in pain which i thought must be close to the same as beginning labor pains, and ken and echo never woke up!
- when people say, "wow, you're really getting big!" i have to resist the urge to say "really? what's your excuse?" :)

- over 3 lbs (i'm a big baby!)
- estimated at 16 inches long
- my head is up near mommy's rib cage which is sometimes uncomfortable for her but i can't help's getting crowded in here!

- can't believe we'll be parents in less than 3 months! i'm nervous & excited!
- still reading "what to expect when my wife is expanding." funny book!


Anonymous said...

Yup, those Schwalbe babies tend to be big. I remember. LOL Hope you are like me. I had no problem having them and they came quickly without too much pain. Love you. Kathleen

Anonymous said...

In case you or your doctor would be interested in the birth weights of Kenneth's siblings.

Phillip born at 7 months weighed
5 lbs. 1 oz.

Kenneth full term - weighed
9 lbs. 9 oz.

Sarah full term - weighed
10 lbs 9 oz.

Anthony full term - weighed
9 lbs. 14 oz.

Timothy full term - weighed
10 lbs. 14 oz.

Anonymous said...

Of course all their size didn't come from just the Schwalbe side. LOL
I contributed too. I think the biggest factor was that I didn't smoke or drink coffee and I didn't worry about gaining weight. I just ate when I wanted. Which was often.