Sunday, June 29, 2008

tommy allsup & kevin montgomery concert

a couple of weeks ago, i was able to experience a little piece of heaven. you can't beat sitting under the stars at artemis apartments near stavros beach here in crete, while listening to...get this...some beautiful TEXAS music. yay! :) we were priveleged to hear the legendary tommy allsup (he's played with buddy holly, waylon jennings, and bob willis' texas playboys, just to name a few), and kevin montgomery who is also very talented with a great voice! kevin's dad, bob montgomery was a songwriter and best friend of buddy holly. the drummer (in the background on the right) is dale dorman who's played with brooks and dunn.

tommy allsup:

kevin montgomery:

definitely one of my favorite evenings in crete so far; and to top it off, my husband finally agreed to two-step with me...TWICE!! :) with only 75 or so people there, it was an up close and personal concert. tommy told the story of when he was asked to play with buddy: (click on small > on the bottom left-hand side to play)

i so LOVE this pic! tommy's greek friend took it while smoking a cigarette!!

i asked tommy what his favorite texas song was and he played bob willis' "rose of san antone." here's a sample of that performance:

everyone rockin' out to peggy sue

last but not least, tommy jammed to willis'
"right or wrong"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer fun pool action

summer is in full swing. yesterday it was 99 degrees. in greece, that feels like 110. yep, it's HOT! the only way to cool off; take a dip!

this past sunday shirley and john came over for lunch and we hung out in the pool most of the day and played washers. we're washers addicts! does anyone not know this game??

then we moved over to the vaughn's pool in the early evening. we swam and had pizza while welcoming the newest member to the public works family, shirley's replacement DJ. here are a few pictures:

oops, shirley forgot her bathing suit...and john took her in!

john doing a little boogy-boarding

john's handstand flip over into the pool

view of souda bay from the vaughn's house

Friday, June 13, 2008

magical germany

to say i loved germany is not enough. it was phenomenal! i would move there tomorrow if the navy says we have to. problem is that it's mostly army and air force country. we are hoping to plan a week in munich (southeast germany) and pop over to austria for a few days in the coming months.

first stop - kronberg

the schlosshotel kronberg

the castle hotel SchlossHotel Kronberg we stayed in friday night. i highly recommend staying will feel like you are royalty!

next stop - heidelberg

the heidelberg castle

enjoying the local beverages

neckarsteinach castle on the neckar river

other cools pics while cruising down the neckar river

i thought this was a cool fountain, near our hotel, crown plaza heidelberg