Monday, May 19, 2008

new blog and website links

hi everyone, well we recovered from the gas strike and 6 days later greece got gas! thankfully i was able to take our friends to the east side of the island to fly out of heraklion no problem.

i added 2 new links on the right hand side of my page! under the 'my fav bloggers' i added therese borchard's 'beyond blue' blog she writes for and you guessed it, under 'my fav links' i added belieftnet. check them out...i think you'll like them; you might even be inspired, and hopefully, mostly be blessed and encouraged! have a great day!!

i also added 2 new page elements on the right hand side! 'my fav greek destinations' will soon be populated with my favorite sites, restaurants, hotels, etc. the other link section isn't showing up yet because i still have to add links to it. it will be called 'my fav european destinations' and i'll populate it with the same elements.

i highly recommend the akrotiri villas, aka artemis apartments, in stavros. they are only 15 mins from our house and of course you should plan on staying with us when you come visit, but if you want some r&r and really want alone time, our feelings won't be hurt. or maybe there will be a group of you coming over and we can't accommodate everyone in our 2 guest rooms/1 bathroom...this is the place to stay! quiet and quaint, with a great view of the med sea (which is a 10 minute walk), the stavros mountains, and a fantastic pool and beautiful outdoor garden seating area. these apartments are affordable (prices listed are in british pounds so multiple x2 for USD), and are rented by the week from tues-mon. reg and daphne are just a lovely british couple who will help make your stay delightful.

and this is wonderful bonus material about this hotel...we get to see kevin montgomery and tommy allsup (buddy holly's guitarist...hello folks, i went to school in LUBBOCK!) on june 14th at the villas. check it out:

please, please know WE DO WANT YOU TO STAY WITH US, but i thought i would do some shameless advertising out there for them! :) you never know who checks this blog; maybe some folks we don't know out there want a nice place in crete to stay!

t minus 26 days until i get to see ken again. :( well maybe, just maybe i'll meet him in frankfurt the weekend of june 6 (if i can find a ticket less than $800!!) . i have registration for central texas college which means i'm working FT starting next week and wasn't able to accompany him home to north dakota. i'm really bummed i couldn't go. :( it's been too long since i've seen all the family there. ken is in minni, mn this week for an engineering conference, next week to north dakota to see his family (HI EVERYONE!!), and then 2 weeks in germany for a work class.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

got gas?

so greece is having a gas strike.

we have no gas.

i topped off at the station out in town a few days ago and paid 40 euro or $63 for 1/4 gallon. that's right, it costs 160 euro or about $248 to FILL UP MY CAR. a 22 gallon isuzu trooper. YIKES!

i know we all feel the gas pinch, but be glad you're not buying it on the economy here in greece!

i should note, i RARELY buy gas out in town at those ridiculous prices; we usually (not now) can get it on base for about $3.90/gallon.

now i gotta figure out what we're going to do with our friends, laura and ted who arrive tomorrow. we have 3/4 tank left in my car! so much for seeing all the sites! :(

Sunday, May 11, 2008

still numb...

the title of this blog says it all...i'm still numb.

we're still numb.

we still miss chad.

we try and celebrate the good times; the great memories.

but we're still sad.

still grieving.

wondering how we're supposed to go on..........................

Thursday, May 8, 2008

cutest baby ever

ok i consider myself to be a unbiased judge...after all i'm not the kid's parents. but truly, little baby jack is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen! he's a little guy and so fun. he started to smile while i was there. and we had a deal for him not to spray me while changing his diaper. i missed a few diaper changes and one in particular when his mom was changing him...clearly i was glad to miss it. he doesn't do much right now; just eat and sleep.
advice to childless friends helping new mom friends with a newborn:
1) don't take off to go to target and the grocery store for 3 hours when you should be home entertaining the baby while friend naps (even if it's been a year since you've been to target!)
2) don't bring home a snack of sushi b/c it looked good and overseas you can't get it. momma can't have it!
3) wake up earlier than 8-9am to help!
oops! joni was so gracious to forgive my i-don't-have-kids-so-i-didn't-know syndrome. i did manage to cook my signature chicken pasta primavera and clean a little. i had the most fun holding jack and believe it or not, changing diapers (b/c we had that little agreement!)
thanks bill and joni for letting me come and hang out with y'all and little jack!! i can't wait to see him again!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

chad william bowen ~ april 28, 1982-april 21, 2008

my cousin, chad william bowen went with jesus on april 21. i flew from overseas to tennessee to attend the services and be with my family. it is definitely hard on everyone...we all miss him so much, but trust he is now in the Father's hands. after all, this world is just a stop along the journey.

i had the opportunity to speak at the graveside service and i shared two stories about chad when we were in nyc summer of 2002. i lost my job in chicago and moved to nyc on my severance package in june. i didn't start working for merrill lynch for about 6 weeks so i had a lot of time on my hands. chad was living in queens and pitching for the brooklyn cyclones.

one day we were walking through washington square park and i got a call on my cell phone. i stepped about 20 feet from chad to take it and a homeless man approached me and asked for money. chad came running over and said, "LEAVE HER ALONE YOU BUMB!" i told chad to calm down because he was only asking for money and this was kind of normal. i usually only give out food and i passed him a granola bar and went back to my conversation on the phone. i looked out of the corner of my eye and chad slipped him some money. how much? i don't know. we never discussed it. later on, however, i did tell him it was more politically correct to use "domestic nomad" or "homeless” instead of “bumb”! :)

during his first game i went to, some of the 8-12 year-old fans sitting around me found out i was chad's cousin. they begged to go with me to the player's exit after the game so they could get autographs. i knew chad was tired when he came out, but he never let on. he stood there and made those kids' dreams come true. for 25 minutes. he graciously (with a smile on his face) signed programs, baseballs, t-shirts, hats, you name it. when we were walking back to the subway i was teasing him about being famous. he shrugged it off and said it wasn't real.

see, my cousin didn't always talk about jesus and heck, some of the things that came out of his mouth didn't exactly sound like jesus. but who does? he's JESUS and we're US. but chad ACTED like JESUS more times than not. he loved his family and he loved complete strangers off the street. he was the most (famous) humble (baseball player) person i knew.

this world, my world, is grieving the loss of a stellar, loving, compassionate, and gracious human being.

on a side note, chad was buried 50 feet from his music hero, johnny cash. since your soul goes to heaven and the body is just here, i never thought it a big deal whether you go into the ground or your ashes are spread out in the ocean. but i do have to say being buried next to johnny cash and june carter is pretty great.

my other computer died with pictures of chad in his mets uniform and some of us in nyc that summer. once i return to greece i may have some hard copies i can scan in and post.