Wednesday, February 20, 2008

america, home of the....

....sweet and sour chicken, spicy breakfast burritos, nacho bellgrande, large buckets of movie popcorn, virginia beach crab cakes and grilled tuna to die for, yogurt and granola parfaits, gourmet cheese, asparagas, and egg crepes, banana nut bread muffins, queso and chips, mixed field greens with lemon vinegarette dressing, fresh turkey and grilled chicken club sandwiches, and the best new england clam chowder with FRESH clams i have ever had!

you get the idea. i've gained 5 lbs in 5 days from being on this sweet soil.

ken and i are thrilled to be back in america to get some time away from work and see some of our family and friends. we landed last friday night and stayed in this fantastic spa/B&B.
it's a must-stay if you're looking to hang out in the nice part of va beach and pamper yourself. we stayed in the pineroom room and had a couples massage that was quite possibly the best of my life (and i've had a few!) the shower was out of this world. a wasauna steam shower with multiple heads. i'm currently putting money in an envelope to buy one!
it was nice to have some ken and cort time with no real agenda except to relax and enjoy each other's company. we also checked out williamsburg, va for the day and spent an entire day in the macurthur center mall in norfolk. i love that place!! btw, 27 dresses is a fantastically funny movie!
we'll be in arkansas for a week and then head to raleigh for 6 days to have a baby shower for bill and joni. 8 of the girls are coming in so it will be so fun to see everyone!!

i'll try and post a couple more times while we're in the states. i'm sorry we couldn't come visit everyone! have a great hump day!