Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

this is our mini-christmas tree that has been with us since 2003! so far we've lived in places that only allow a small space for a tree so it's worked well. our house in greece doesn't have a fireplace so we had to hang stockings on the bookshelf this year. i told ken we'll retire this tree to the kids' room next year because i want to buy a nice BIG pre-lit (with white lights only) tree. too bad i won't have those after-christmas sales to peruse this year! if anyone finds a good deal, let me know and maybe i can catch it online!

isn't she the cutest reindeer you ever did see? echo is sporting her winter coat she got from aunt granny deb last christmas. she loves it!! just so you don't think i only care about our beagle girl, i must share with you a sad story. our kitty, morris, decided to run away on the last day we were on vacation to the states, about a month and a half ago. so far he hasn't come back. we sure hope he does though...he's a great cat (and that's coming from someone who used to not be a cat person.) we look for him several times a week but so far we haven't found him. :( morris, if you're reading this...COME HOME! we bought you all kinds of kitty treats while we were in the states and i'm sure you'll love them!! :)

this last picture is what cornbread dressing looks like when you only have YELLOW corn meal. my mom was kind enough to send us white corn meal last year but it didn't last us until this thanksgiving/christmas. those darn little nasty greek bugs got to it and we had to throw it out. i don't know though...the yellow corn bread is growing on me. it tastes the exact same...yummy!!

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