Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the "convenience" of peeled, ready-to-eat baby carrots & greece riots

sunday night...i woke up at about 11pm sick as a dog. i could not keep anything down and after about 12 hours of this, i threw up some blood so i called the doctor. he immediately made me go downtown to his hospital because when i mentioned "blood" he thought something was wrong with the baby. so we had a little translation issue. i explained i couldn't keep anything down and he said, "oh, ok. you scared me. i thought it was the baby. it's something you ate. i'll give you an IV and take some blood tests." apparently the blood i threw up was a ruptured vessel which was no big deal.

i thought for sure it was the stomach flu but i didn't have a fever or any other "sick" symptoms and doctor knows best. he was right...my tests came back with bacteria present so i had food poisoning. the only thing i had eaten different than ken was some raw carrots from our nex (base food mart). it's about the only vegetable i buy at the nex. and why?? especially when i have all these wonderful organic, fresh veggies at markets in town?? because of the phenomenon of the "american convenience" peeled, ready-to-eat, baby carrots!! this incident has definitely put a stop to eating these little carrots, at least until i return to the states!! (having them shipped from wherever to here, makes me a little leary of how "fresh" and safe they are.) from now on, i'm going old school and getting the regular "bugs bunny" carrots from the fruit & veggie market. ones i have to peel and cut myself!!
oh...the torture!! :)

trivia question: when did peeled, ready-to-eat baby carrots enter the marketplace? because i certainly don't remember them as a kid!

the riots:
my doctor made me stay overnight in the hospital to make sure they flushed out all the bacteria and wouldn't let me leave until i was 100%. that night around 10:30 the riots that were started in athens over the police shooting a 15-year-old boy 2 days earlier, made their way to the streets of chania, right in front of the hospital!! i had a front row seat to it all. from my window i watched protestors break all the windows of a bank and throw desks and chairs into the streets. they also burned garbage in dumpsters and pushed them into the streets to block traffic. i admit i was a little scared but the doctor came to my room, as well as the nursing staff to assure me of my safety. the entire incident has turned very political and now americans are not allowed in downtown chania & athens for the time being. (as a point of reference, we live 15 mins from downtown chania so we feel completely safe.) and the riots are not ongoing in chania...so far it was only monday night.

more info if you want to read about the riots: http://www.thestar.com/News/World/article/550565

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