Wednesday, November 26, 2008

it's a BOY!

when we went to the doctor on oct 31, the doctor was only 90% sure it was a boy. now, he's 100%! so i guess i can start looking for all things blue, trucks with wheels, and anything that goes FAST! :)

we are so excited and blessed to see baby boy schwalbe growing and i'm even feeling a flutter/soft kick here and there. next monday i'll be 6 mos! sometimes i think 4 mos isn't enough time to get ready for his arrival...but then again, when are you ever ready??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

no gain from back pain

whoooahhhhhhh....after 13 weeks i was celebrating. morning sickness had ceased!! i had energy at a level i forgot i ever had. no need for naps. i was feeling GREAT! then, enter 18 weeks. back pain galore. particularly on my right side. it didn't take me long to be introduced to sciatica nerve problems as well. i gave my husband a night job as a back rubber. while i was in the states i stocked up on a bunch of therma care heat pads and use one almost every night. and on really bad days, a little red wine goes a long way. i started going back to my yoga class 3 weeks ago and i think that's helping...a little.

yesterday my sweet hubby bought me a pregnancy massage and was on cloud 9. my friend joni told me to get a tennis ball and move up and down against the wall. does anyone else have any suggestions?? or is it like our friend carl put it, "it will go away...just give it another 4 months!!" YIKES!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

20 it a boy or girl???

when we came back from the states, we had a dr's appt on halloween. the baby was kicking and moving like CRAZY but finally we got a shot that indicated it MIGHT be a BOY!!! the doctor is 90% sure. i get an ultrasound at each appointment so maybe we'll know for sure after my appointment nov. 21.

Friday, November 7, 2008

usna 10 year reunion

while we were in the states, we were able to go to annapolis for ken's 10-year reunion at the naval academy. we were also able to spend a few extra days neighborhood-shopping...hopefully we'll be buying a house near annapolis. we're waiting for ken's orders to his job at the navy yard in d.c. next june/july. we had a great time at the reunion seeing old friends and watching navy win vs. smu (albeit from the tent since the rain was coming down sideways).

all the pictures:

jason and dawn smith with jack danjczek

usna class of '98 outside bancroft hall

daryl, jen, dawn, jason, bill, cort and ken

bill and joni

john and ken

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

baby shower

when i was in the states, a few of my college friends flew in and had a shower for me in raleigh. actually it was a joint shower with my friend elizabeth who is 7 mos prego with a baby boy. it was such a fun weekend!! angie brought andy who is 18 mos and of course mr. jack was there who is now 6 mos. both boys are so stinkin' cute!!
baby s will be all set for the '09 football season

joni and jack

angie and andy

doug & candice's wedding

my brother douglas got married on oct 11, 2008 at a beautiful mountain resort, mount magazine, in the ozark mountains of arkansas. ken and i were honored to stand up for doug and candice. it was a beautiful cermony and everyone had a wonderful time.

click on this link to see all the pics:

Sunday, November 2, 2008


wow!!! texas tech is 9-0!!! get your guns up folks. we could be on the brink of a national title run!! now we just have to get past ok state and big deal - ha! :) watching the red raiders' last minute miracle catch next to my husband (a horns' fan), was especially sweet for me.

here's jack danjczek getting all fired up for the red raiders!!

we're back from the states now and trying to get back on souda time. give me a few days and i'll post some pictures from our trip and my 20 week baby bump photo.