Thursday, September 4, 2008

a flutter...

yesterday i felt a flutter in my stomach...i thought, "this is it...the first time i'm feeling the baby!!"

just before i was about to shed tears of joy, i suddenly had a "pressure" feeling.

followed by a "backfire", aka as a dart (except replace the 'd' with an 'f') wasn't a flutter at was just GAS!!!!!!!!!

ahhh...the joys of pregnancy... :)


Joy said...

yes, the joys.. :) truth be told, i still get fooled occasionally - "that feels just like... but no it couldn't be... nope, it's not!" then i laugh at myself like i'm a wounded hero that can still feel the itch on his leg that was lost in war. i guess it's such a wonder to have a life moving inside you that i miss it! (NO plans to have more though!)

Kathleen said...

I love reading your blog. I hope you are having a good fourth wedding anniversary celebration in Germany. I didn't forget that it was on the 5th. The card will be slow coming. I love you both. Hugs, Kathleen