Tuesday, September 2, 2008

claussen pickles

so about a month before i got pregnant the NEXmart (our 7-11 like grocery store on base) started carrying claussen pickles. hot diggity dog...this made my year!! you see, i love love love these pickles. dill pickles are ok and will get me by in a pinch but i love the salt and vinegar taste of claussen pickles. so i ate these pickles to my heart's content going through a jar in 2, maybe 3 days tops! you see, i had to make up for not having them in over a year and a half!!

fast forward to july; enter pregnancy! :) i would eat a claussen as a snack or with my lunch and bam! i would get sick. i blamed it on the "evening" sickness (after all the baby is on texas time which is why i don't have morning sickness!) i kept on eating my claussen pickles, unbeknownst to me that baby REALLY didn't like them. i would get sick and think, oh well, this is pregnancy...it happens. and then one day i had a grilled cheese, tomato soup, and you guessed it - a claussen pickle. not too long after eating i got sick but only the pickle came up. i thought to myself...maybe it's the pickle?? oh, golly, NOOOOOO....not the claussen pickles!!!!!

it's been 2 weeks with no claussens, and you guessed it...no episodes of "evening" sickness. the jar is still sitting in the fridge, teasing and haunting me. this weekend, i thought...what if i just try it one more time (because 10+ times probably isn't a good definitive test!). but i didn't cave in because i was feeling good all weekend and those who are pregnant or have been know, if you're feeling good, you don't want to mess with that.

so baby doesn't like these pickles and i don't know why. he/she is sure missing out! so i add yet one more thing to the "DO NOT EAT" list. but you can bet, the moment i deliver, hubby will be summoned to fetch me a jar of claussen pickles!!

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Kristin said...

Just read your older posts as I have been busy with my wee one and have not had time to catch up. Conor did the same thing with Yogurt. After the umpteenth time getting sick after eating it I stopped for the rest of the pregnancy. Luckily I can tolerate it now that he is here. You'll be back eating those pickles post baby. Cheers--Kristin