Sunday, August 31, 2008

emau egkyos !!

i'm sure you enjoyed watching the kickoff of college football season as much as we did. it was a great weekend for the schwalbe household...all three of our teams, TEXAS TECH, NAVY & TEXAS won!! this year, rather than debate which school is better, we started a new debate: which school will our first-born attend????

that's right -- we have a future red raider, longhorn or midshipmen on the way!! i'm 11 weeks along and due on march 30. ken got extended 6 months until june 2009, so the baby will have the unique experience of being born here in greece. i really like my doctor and the facility out in town where i will have the baby.

we certainly appreciate your prayers for the baby, the birth, and us, as we figure out how to become parents. we will share pictures of the growing baby bump and reveal the baby's sex on our blog so check back occasionally.

btw, 'emau egkyos' means 'i'm pregnant!' below is a picture of the baby at 10 weeks (the head is on the right.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

greek name day and traditional dancing

this past weekend was our landlord, mironas' name day (patron saint he's named after. this celebration is bigger than your actual birthday here in greece.) to celebrate he threw a dinner party complete with traditional greek dancing. i thought you would enjoy a few videos.

the end came for ken and i around midnight when everyone was getting thrown into the pool. luckily we escaped before anyone got to us. not so lucky for this lady...