Thursday, July 24, 2008

missing these girls...

so this is a shot we took outside a coffee shop in suburban boston back in fall 2002. we all met up in boston and spent time in the city and martha's vineyard to work on our screenplay. because see, we were all going to become famous screenwriters and actresses with our unique and funny script. we decided to record ourselves all weekend. i still have those tapes and need to transcribe them!!

with this group you laugh until your belly hurts with tears streaming down your face. these are the jewels of what friends are supposed to be...and i'm lucky enough to call them my best friends...i miss you all dearly...
just for fun, i dug up some old pictures of these fun girls...

getting some grub during angie's wedding weekend

who wears a pink housecoat while running the nyc marathon?? angie does!

after the marathon

another trip to martha's vineyard sitting at the black dog cafe

first time meeting ken - new year's eve in nyc 2002

the girls at my wedding

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