Wednesday, July 2, 2008

gainfully (full-time) employed

in a hundred years, would you pick me to become a librarian? i didn't think so. i mean i'm the girl who up until a year ago, has read maybe 15 books from cover to cover. multiply that number by 100 and that's how many books i've started and never finished. i finally joined my first book club when i arrived to greece and still, sometimes i only finish 1/2 or 3/4 of the book. our book club is NOT one of those really academic, "how-did-this-book-make-you-feel" kind of groups. we discuss the book for 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops, and then eat, catch up and enjoy one another's company. my kind of book club!

part of me will miss the days i had to myself to do whatever i wanted. my part-time job with central texas college allowed me to sleep in, sip coffee all morning, write, read, blog, or whatever, a couple times a week. and going to work at 7:30 is yuck. i'm not a morning person but i'll have to learn how to be. :)

i guess since i'm the new librarian, i will make sure and finish the whole book from now on. :)
disclaimer: the picture above is not our library on base. we have a great, beautiful new building that my husband, the PWO (public works officer) is kicking us out of to make room for single sailor accomodations. my first order of business will be to pick a temporary location until the new library is built.


Kathleen Kittleson said...

Have a great 4th of July. I love reading your blog. Thanks for making it so interesting. It makes me feel closer to both of you. Love and hugs, Kathleen

Joy said...

I think you'll be an awesome librarian. And I think finishing a book may just be skipping to the last 2 pages and calling it done. :) But do share if there are any "you must read this" books you discover there at the library.