Thursday, July 17, 2008

another year older

we had a few people over on sunday for pizzas and swimming to celebrate my job promotion and my birthday. it was a small group of about 15 and just my pace. :) i'm becoming a fan of entertaining smaller groups lately. having 40-50 people over every time wipes me out (and honestly, creates messes i would rather not deal with! :)

ken and i went to the "bat" restaurant for dinner for my actual birthday last night. the restaurant overlooks souda bay.
i had many happy birthday wishes on my voicemail & email when i got home. thank you!! it means a lot since i'm so far away...(and missing all of you dearly!)


Joy said...

Happy Birthday!!! Glad it was a good one. Fifeteen sounds like a big party to me. You are obviously an awesome hostess.

Kathleen said...

Sorry I missed your birthday Cortney. Looks like you had a fun birthday. Hugs, Kathleen