Thursday, July 31, 2008


i'm pretty pumped that ken and i will be spending our 4th anniversary in ireland. we're going to spend like 5 seconds in dublin and explore the countryside for 4.5 days. anyone been? do you have any suggestions of must-see places? shoot me an email or leave a comment...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

facebook phenomenon

i've received a few email requests from friends to join facebook. and then i hit delete (sorry). but finally, i decided to take the plunge. i created a profile today and even put a pretty little picture in my profile. and so far, i have to say i like it. i'm not a big fan of myspace because 1) people's pages take FOREVER to load here on my slow greek dsl and 2) random (scary) people request me as a friend. which is why i pretty much stopped doing myspace.

but i think this facebook thing may have potential. it's basic. you don't have all the fru fru of designing your page with everything under the sun. i only have 3 friends so far so come on...if you're on facebook accept me. :) i'll see how this thing goes...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

missing these girls...

so this is a shot we took outside a coffee shop in suburban boston back in fall 2002. we all met up in boston and spent time in the city and martha's vineyard to work on our screenplay. because see, we were all going to become famous screenwriters and actresses with our unique and funny script. we decided to record ourselves all weekend. i still have those tapes and need to transcribe them!!

with this group you laugh until your belly hurts with tears streaming down your face. these are the jewels of what friends are supposed to be...and i'm lucky enough to call them my best friends...i miss you all dearly...
just for fun, i dug up some old pictures of these fun girls...

getting some grub during angie's wedding weekend

who wears a pink housecoat while running the nyc marathon?? angie does!

after the marathon

another trip to martha's vineyard sitting at the black dog cafe

first time meeting ken - new year's eve in nyc 2002

the girls at my wedding

Thursday, July 17, 2008

another year older

we had a few people over on sunday for pizzas and swimming to celebrate my job promotion and my birthday. it was a small group of about 15 and just my pace. :) i'm becoming a fan of entertaining smaller groups lately. having 40-50 people over every time wipes me out (and honestly, creates messes i would rather not deal with! :)

ken and i went to the "bat" restaurant for dinner for my actual birthday last night. the restaurant overlooks souda bay.
i had many happy birthday wishes on my voicemail & email when i got home. thank you!! it means a lot since i'm so far away...(and missing all of you dearly!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

summer foods

ken and i have made some changes to our lifestyle and are following the south beach diet pretty closely. this was one of our lunches the other day. tuna fish (mixed with a little lite mayo, mustard, pickles, and capers) put in a sliced tomato on top of a bed of greens. finally, i added a sprinkle of goat cheese and fresh dill, threw on some peppers, and drizzled an olive oil/balsamic mixture on top and bon appetite!

i really love the south beach diet cookbook and highly recommend it. it doesn't feel like you are on a diet! i love cooking and better yet, i love the presentation of a meal. Even though Emeril Lagasse or Rachel Ray aren't beating down my door, I thought this meal looked (and tasted) pretty tasty.

Here's a silly picture of our friends Barb and Bob. Barb got a promotion and they transferred to Sigonella, Sicily. We will miss them dearly. I have big shoes to fill taking Bob's place as the Base Librarian.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

waterpark frenzy

today we get to slip and slide, ride the lazy river, eat hotdogs and hamburgers, and watch fireworks! the base rents out limnoupolis waterpark, and we get to go for free. (normally it's 18 euro - $27 - just to get in.)
my favorite holiday is july 4th so i can't wait to see fireworks tonight. hot diggidy dog...a little piece of home!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

gainfully (full-time) employed

in a hundred years, would you pick me to become a librarian? i didn't think so. i mean i'm the girl who up until a year ago, has read maybe 15 books from cover to cover. multiply that number by 100 and that's how many books i've started and never finished. i finally joined my first book club when i arrived to greece and still, sometimes i only finish 1/2 or 3/4 of the book. our book club is NOT one of those really academic, "how-did-this-book-make-you-feel" kind of groups. we discuss the book for 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops, and then eat, catch up and enjoy one another's company. my kind of book club!

part of me will miss the days i had to myself to do whatever i wanted. my part-time job with central texas college allowed me to sleep in, sip coffee all morning, write, read, blog, or whatever, a couple times a week. and going to work at 7:30 is yuck. i'm not a morning person but i'll have to learn how to be. :)

i guess since i'm the new librarian, i will make sure and finish the whole book from now on. :)
disclaimer: the picture above is not our library on base. we have a great, beautiful new building that my husband, the PWO (public works officer) is kicking us out of to make room for single sailor accomodations. my first order of business will be to pick a temporary location until the new library is built.