Sunday, June 29, 2008

tommy allsup & kevin montgomery concert

a couple of weeks ago, i was able to experience a little piece of heaven. you can't beat sitting under the stars at artemis apartments near stavros beach here in crete, while listening to...get this...some beautiful TEXAS music. yay! :) we were priveleged to hear the legendary tommy allsup (he's played with buddy holly, waylon jennings, and bob willis' texas playboys, just to name a few), and kevin montgomery who is also very talented with a great voice! kevin's dad, bob montgomery was a songwriter and best friend of buddy holly. the drummer (in the background on the right) is dale dorman who's played with brooks and dunn.

tommy allsup:

kevin montgomery:

definitely one of my favorite evenings in crete so far; and to top it off, my husband finally agreed to two-step with me...TWICE!! :) with only 75 or so people there, it was an up close and personal concert. tommy told the story of when he was asked to play with buddy: (click on small > on the bottom left-hand side to play)

i so LOVE this pic! tommy's greek friend took it while smoking a cigarette!!

i asked tommy what his favorite texas song was and he played bob willis' "rose of san antone." here's a sample of that performance:

everyone rockin' out to peggy sue

last but not least, tommy jammed to willis'
"right or wrong"

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