Friday, June 13, 2008

magical germany

to say i loved germany is not enough. it was phenomenal! i would move there tomorrow if the navy says we have to. problem is that it's mostly army and air force country. we are hoping to plan a week in munich (southeast germany) and pop over to austria for a few days in the coming months.

first stop - kronberg

the schlosshotel kronberg

the castle hotel SchlossHotel Kronberg we stayed in friday night. i highly recommend staying will feel like you are royalty!

next stop - heidelberg

the heidelberg castle

enjoying the local beverages

neckarsteinach castle on the neckar river

other cools pics while cruising down the neckar river

i thought this was a cool fountain, near our hotel, crown plaza heidelberg

1 comment:

Joy said...

Great recommendation. Germany is on our wish list for next summer's move. Dude would be doing a joint job there - whatever that means... :)