Monday, May 19, 2008

new blog and website links

hi everyone, well we recovered from the gas strike and 6 days later greece got gas! thankfully i was able to take our friends to the east side of the island to fly out of heraklion no problem.

i added 2 new links on the right hand side of my page! under the 'my fav bloggers' i added therese borchard's 'beyond blue' blog she writes for and you guessed it, under 'my fav links' i added belieftnet. check them out...i think you'll like them; you might even be inspired, and hopefully, mostly be blessed and encouraged! have a great day!!

i also added 2 new page elements on the right hand side! 'my fav greek destinations' will soon be populated with my favorite sites, restaurants, hotels, etc. the other link section isn't showing up yet because i still have to add links to it. it will be called 'my fav european destinations' and i'll populate it with the same elements.

i highly recommend the akrotiri villas, aka artemis apartments, in stavros. they are only 15 mins from our house and of course you should plan on staying with us when you come visit, but if you want some r&r and really want alone time, our feelings won't be hurt. or maybe there will be a group of you coming over and we can't accommodate everyone in our 2 guest rooms/1 bathroom...this is the place to stay! quiet and quaint, with a great view of the med sea (which is a 10 minute walk), the stavros mountains, and a fantastic pool and beautiful outdoor garden seating area. these apartments are affordable (prices listed are in british pounds so multiple x2 for USD), and are rented by the week from tues-mon. reg and daphne are just a lovely british couple who will help make your stay delightful.

and this is wonderful bonus material about this hotel...we get to see kevin montgomery and tommy allsup (buddy holly's guitarist...hello folks, i went to school in LUBBOCK!) on june 14th at the villas. check it out:

please, please know WE DO WANT YOU TO STAY WITH US, but i thought i would do some shameless advertising out there for them! :) you never know who checks this blog; maybe some folks we don't know out there want a nice place in crete to stay!

t minus 26 days until i get to see ken again. :( well maybe, just maybe i'll meet him in frankfurt the weekend of june 6 (if i can find a ticket less than $800!!) . i have registration for central texas college which means i'm working FT starting next week and wasn't able to accompany him home to north dakota. i'm really bummed i couldn't go. :( it's been too long since i've seen all the family there. ken is in minni, mn this week for an engineering conference, next week to north dakota to see his family (HI EVERYONE!!), and then 2 weeks in germany for a work class.

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Mountains, snow and sweet little toes said...

Love your blog!! I added a link to our blog so we can keep up with you in Greece. What a wonderful, exciting place to be! I won't complain about our gas prices anymore!
Christa Anderson (Rob's wife)