Thursday, May 8, 2008

cutest baby ever

ok i consider myself to be a unbiased judge...after all i'm not the kid's parents. but truly, little baby jack is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen! he's a little guy and so fun. he started to smile while i was there. and we had a deal for him not to spray me while changing his diaper. i missed a few diaper changes and one in particular when his mom was changing him...clearly i was glad to miss it. he doesn't do much right now; just eat and sleep.
advice to childless friends helping new mom friends with a newborn:
1) don't take off to go to target and the grocery store for 3 hours when you should be home entertaining the baby while friend naps (even if it's been a year since you've been to target!)
2) don't bring home a snack of sushi b/c it looked good and overseas you can't get it. momma can't have it!
3) wake up earlier than 8-9am to help!
oops! joni was so gracious to forgive my i-don't-have-kids-so-i-didn't-know syndrome. i did manage to cook my signature chicken pasta primavera and clean a little. i had the most fun holding jack and believe it or not, changing diapers (b/c we had that little agreement!)
thanks bill and joni for letting me come and hang out with y'all and little jack!! i can't wait to see him again!

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