Tuesday, April 15, 2008

anticipating baby jack

i interrupt this blogging post to bring you the REAL news in my life as it's happening...it's 1:42 a.m. (now 2:56 by the time i am finishing this bad-boy), and about 45 (a little longer) minutes ago (ok, he might already be here!), a series of events led me to find out (because thankfully i've had yet another late night of working/playing), that our BEST FRIENDS ARE IN LABOR!!!! bill and joni are about to have little jack d in raleigh!! i wish i could race over there. i mean, definitely not in the delivery room; just in the waiting room. so i could wait and find out that this little miracle has been born into this crazy, fun, and sometimes challenging world!! a miracle is about to happen, people!! (i made this part orange, because joni loves orange and all us girls got them a stroller as a hostess gift for them hosting us for their shower; and it was, you guessed it, orange. i think we all know how i feel about this color, but if not, i HATE it. joni and i, sometimes, have different opinions...like our feelings about hiking the grand canyon. another story for another day.

i regress. i mean, i can't imagine the anticipation our friends are feeling? how their lives are about to change?? i feel a little like i'm about to become an aunt because a) they are our very best friends, who met at our wedding, and got married 18 mos later in April 2006; (the 23rd to be exact); and b) i don't have any nieces or nephews from my sister or brother yet. ken is lucky enough to be an uncle, and i get to be one now too - not an uncle of course, but an aunt who's still learning how to be one! :) - to 4 beautiful girls and 1 handsome boy, but they live too far away in north dakota and we desperately wish we could see them more. at this moment, it just seems like everyone lives too far away - friends who are in labor; family who we want to hug and kiss.

i can barely contain my excitement...can you tell?? she's at a NINE (whatever that means), and jack is about to POP OUT! don't they do webcams nowadays so you can set them up for your friends in greece? i mean i don't want to be IN the room watching it; the waiting room will be sufficient. i want to be there when they shout from the rooftops, "it happened. God gave us a miracle today!"

we love you bill & joni and we can't wait to experience this adventure, albeit from greece, with you! love, love, love...

hello in advance sweet little jack! i've been thinking about you a lot over the last couple of days. i briefly spoke with your mom on saturday and told her not to have the baby while moving your grandma (i don't know what you'll be calling her), danjczek's stuff out of new bern, n.c. i was just telling a friend here in greece how your mommy was due in just over 2 weeks from now and i just had a feeling...still i was surprised when i saw the emails in my inbox (that would not open because our computer was slow,) and i was so surprised and excited when ms. angie told me on the phone your mommy was in labor!

i've been praying for you for a long time, before you were conceived. your mommy told me on the phone (because i live kind of far away right now in crete, greece.) we are your parents' best friends and they met at our wedding in 2004! they married in 2006 and well, here it is april 15, 2008 and you're about to arrive!!

we will be "on the move" for the first 10+ years or so of your life because mr. ken is in the navy until he retires. :( i really wish raleigh had a navy base; even more so now that you are about to make your grand entrance! your mom is at a "nine" (whatever that means because i don't have kids of my own yet), and really that was like 2 hours ago...

i spoke to your daddy and he told me mommy was near having you and the excitement in his voice was overwhelming. mommy couldn't talk...i think she was really concentrating on her breathing and processing that their "little miracle" would soon arrive.

so i'll shoot straight with you, (so maybe one day you can convince your daddy!)...we really want y'all to move to austin one day when mr. ken gets out of the navy and have a back yard that meets up with ours! but well, your dad isn't quite convinced about texas. and i can understand, because i always tease him about being a "yankee" and i was one for a few years only a couple of hours from where he grew up in pennsylvania. sometimes "those types" can't see texas for texas, or even better, austin for austin. but guess what. you're being born in raleigh and you might live there your whole life or you might not. (i'm going to go out on a limb and say your other grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins in tejas, would like to see you closer??) it doesn't matter. the thing that matters is that you have a lot of people who love, love, love you already and we haven't even seen your cute picture!! one thing i can guarantee you though - your parents have so many surprises in store for you! they're so wonderful, so creative, and so cool. they are FULL OF LIFE! they don't just live, just breathe, just go day-to-day. i mean they pound the pavement in search of this adventure we're apart of here on this Earth, and they have so many people who love them and who they love. they are the "salt of the Earth" kind of people. you are a pretty lucky kid to be born to them!! i hope i learn a lot from them and how they care for you, little jack, because i think they are going to be wonderful, real, parents who are honest and loving. your God is a BIG ONE and he is bringing you into this world (apparently on tax day so a lot of people will probably remember your b-day!)

the love you already have surrounding you even before you were born, from near and far, extends further than just your mommy and daddy. you have a whole slew (don't worry, i think it's mostly a texas-speak word) of folks who can't wait to meet you; great grandmothers, and grandmothers, a grandfather here on earth, and even one who went to be with jesus last year. you have fantastic aunts, uncles, and cousins galore (ok, so, i think it's like 4 so far...), even great aunts and great uncles, but they aren't "older", they're just GREAT! plus you have a TON of your mommy's and daddy's friends who rejoice in the fact that you are going to enter this world very, very soon. i can't guarantee i didn't leave off family members because after all, my mind is on one thing...hearing the news that you, indeed, have arrived!! you want the short version? after all this i dare ask? all of these people cannot wait to see you and hold you in awe...for you are loved by so many...you will be an honour and blessing and bring great riches to many lives.

we love you, ken & cortney schwalbe (don't worry; it took me 6 mos of us dating to properly pronouce it.) your daddy calls him schwalll - bles (he'll have to teach you how to say it), and if that's easier, you can call him that too!! send us lots of pictures as you grow up, especially in the next 10 years because, like i said earlier in this letter, the navy "owns us", well, kind of, and maybe, just maybe, we'll all live in the same city one day, and you'll have siblings and we'll have friends you can play with and grow old with; like we will do with your mommy and daddy. many blessings, little jack...

p.s. one day i'll show you this silly blog so you can see your mommy's belly...attached to this entry are a couple of pictures from february 29-march 3. we had a shower with 9 of her girlfriends (and mr. ken came as well to entertain your daddy and make pizzas). everyone flew in from all around (the world), to celebrate your anticipated arrival (thought to be in early may)! see, i just know you're going to live your life surprising everyone! we got to see your mom's big belly, see her dance and try to act out charades in the game of cranium. i know, it'll be ancient and old-fashioned by the time you start playing games, but maybe just maybe you'll think it's cool? she was funny doing this "acting" 7+ mos prego (which is a cool word for pregnant in case the kids aren't still using it when you're old enough to know what pregnant means! we had fun feeling your mom's belly and were all blown away when you kicked! are you going to play soccer??? the anticipation of your arrival was overwhelming to experience with your cool parents (i've used this word many times so i hope you grasp how great they really are); and now...this day...we can't believe the day has come - april 15, 2008! your mommy and daddy will be changed forever...
p.s.s. your aunt leisel thinks you're even cooler and smarter to be born in april and mr. ken agrees.

p.s.s.s. your GREAT uncle dave wrote an email to everyone...as we wait to hear if you've arrived...something about elvis, and i'm sorry, i don't get it??? he'll have to explain.

p.s.s.s.s. i really like to write and i'm sorry, i'm so long-winded. people should really be limited to one "p.s." ... or not??

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