Sunday, March 16, 2008

R&R, surprise parties, and celebrating baby dancjzek soon to come!

the blog title says it all. our trip back to the states = 3 weeks of fun! my mom was really surprised as you can see below. we even surprised my sister with a cake at the party for her 30th. we also had a family bbq the next day. the last stop on our trip was raleigh to throw joni a baby shower. 8 of the girls were able to fly/drive in to "bring the shower to her" and we all had a fantastic time. ken and bill cooked for us all weekend and even managed to escape us for some guy time.

we were so glad to see everyone we did, but sad we couldn't make it around to see everyone. not going to texas during this trip felt like i didn't really go home, but as far as my immediate family goes, no one lives there anymore :(

here are some photos from our vacation. you can check out all of them on the picasa link or just see a few below.

ken at the boardwalk in cold va beach - the ice cream didn't help any!

surprise mom! happy birthday!!

happy birthday mom and ash! (they make 60 and 30 look fantastic right?)

we got ash too (the next day at a family bbq)

baby jack will be all set with his texas tech and navy gear from us!

the girls!

the proud parents-to-be

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cortney and Kenneth,

It is so great to read your blog again. Glad you had a fun trip. Happy spring. Take care. Love and hugs to the both of you. Kathleen