Thursday, March 20, 2008

olive oil tour

so i'm under the weather and not working for the second day in a row. i feel like my head and chest are going to explode, but slowly, i think the antibiotic the doc gave me is helping. and i finally did the nasal medicine correctly and it made all the difference in the world!

i realized i haven't been posting some things i really wanted to post. in january i arranged for a group of us to visit the biolea olive oil factory i highly recommend this stone-pressed organic olive oil. we learned all we wanted to know (and more) about pressing, what's really "organic", and how hard it is. btw, i can ship olive oil at USPS prices from the base. if you're interested, let me know. a case of 6 is 40 euro (about $60). williams sonoma used to sell 1 bottle of it for $30. SCANDAL! the owner gave us the tour and he is really nice. i shamelessly plug this stuff. :)

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