Thursday, March 20, 2008

is it possible?

i had a thought the other day. what if i lost 30 lbs? what if i got in shape and ran the athens marathon? SCREECCHHH....whoa...where did i get that idea? i mean seriously, i tried to run the 2001 chicago marathon and blew out my knee in a 10k race months before. do i think i can really do it? well, i can only think of one way to anwer this question..."I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." (Phil 4:13)
now i've put it out there so you can ask me how i'm doing with my endeavor. btw, this was not a sudafed-induced thought because i came up with it before i got sick. i have friends who have run several marathons and i am amazed at this accomplishment. what better place to do it? (because the reality is that if i can do it, it will only be once. i don't love running!) so here goes, i'm setting my goals high...athens marathon nov 9, 2008.
this quote from a guy selling his services to train you cracks me up:
"Having worked with dozens of beginning runners who have "conquered" the Athens Marathon course, I can say that with the right pacing and strategy, the Athens Marathon will not seem difficult at all. "
mr. sir, i beg to differ, i think running 26.2 miles will be difficult; not impossible, but difficult!

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laura said...

Hey, Cort...
Congrats on making the commitment to train for the marathon! I have agreat training plan for a walk/run marathon if you want a copy.