Wednesday, October 31, 2007

trick or treat

echo made the seabees treats in chinese takeout boxes for halloween (her mom helped her stamp them). she was so cute wearing her ladybug costume (a repeat from last year because she couldn't find another one here in greece). she still didn't like her headpiece but she was sooooooo cute and everyone thought so :). the below picture depicts what echo does every time she is in ken's office. she loves it there and always looks out the window for kitties!

Monday, October 29, 2007

the plant conspiracy

all the plants that come into my ownership have a conspiracy against me...i'm sure of it!!

i am the epitome of a "black thumb" when it comes to gardening and owning plants. once one comes to my house, it's dead plant walking. the only plant i own (because the mint plant already died) is close to death - note the yellow leaves. and it's not like i don't water them or put them in the shade or sun depending on what they require. i guess some of us are just not meant to be plant people.

it's such a bummer too...i need to grow herbs like cilantro because i can't get it here in greece. can anyone suggest an easy plant i could take on to overcome my black thumb??

Sunday, October 28, 2007

a day at the dog park

today we took echo to the "doggy park", which here in greece consists of a a dirt path and a sign allowing dogs (most of the area beaches and the one park I know of do not allow dogs). the doggy park is next to one of the rocky beaches so walking along the water makes it nicer. it was warm enough for shorts but not a bathing suit, and the water temp was only for the brave. most days we have fall-like temps (upper 60s/low 70s) and some rain here and there, but there are still some days it's very nice and warm. i got a sunburn sitting outside at lunch on friday. but winter is just around the corner so we're soaking up as much sun and nice weather as we can.

Monday, October 22, 2007

monday morning quarterbacking

gosh, i really wish the red raiders and cowboys would start playing in the early time slots. the games are interfering with my sleeping schedule. :)because we are 7 hours ahead of EST, saturday night i went to bed at 1:30 a.m. watching tech get stomped by the mizzou tigers (our defense stayed in lubbock and the ball must have been on fire because our receivers couldn't hang on to it.) last night i stayed up until 2:15 a.m. watching the cowboys defeat the vikings. tony romo is the greatest!! he's really fun to watch and i think he's always displaying the right kind of attitude even when he doesn't agree with a call. this is really important especially for all the kids out there who look up to pro athletes. there's many more out there that swear, throw a fit, taunt, and put enormous egos on display. hats off to make us cowboys fans proud!

as if my dedication to watching football games while sacrificing sleep isn't enough, ken and i are also in a fantasy league with our friends here in souda. this week, we crushed the only undefeated opponent improving our record to 5-2 tied for first place in our division.

Friday, October 19, 2007

sleepy time

this picture makes me smile. it's been a busy and long week with some late nights of work, talking to beloved family and friends, and watching season 2 of 24 (dang this show is addictive!)

finally it's friday ... and we're all retiring early tonight.

Monday, October 15, 2007

navy ball

this weekend the u.s. navy celebrated birthday # 232! on friday night we went to the navy ball for the celebration. it was held at a very nice resort just outside of hania. this was our first navy ball as we usually just attend seabee ball held in the month of march. we had a fantastic are more pictures:
we stayed up until 3am watching the cowboys game last night. i feel bad for ken since he went to work on 3 hrs of sleep. i was so bummed about the game. even though i really don't like tom brady, i have to give him props...he threw out of his mind with 5 TD passes. the 'boys D just couldn't stop them. we'll have to improve our game for the rematch in the super bowl and hopefully then, TO can finally have his popcorn. on the other hand, it was a great college football weekend for the schwalbe household - navy, texas tech and texas all won. we stayed up until 2:30am sat night watching the a&m v. tech game with joel and katherine (aggies, but we love them anyway). FINALLY tech is ranked in the top 25 with the statement win (35-7) over the ags!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ashley's visit to greece

ash and i had a fantastic time while she was here visiting. we hiked the samaria gorge, went to the spa in hersonossis, checked out the area beaches, explored athens, and had some genuine good sister time. :) she brought me some goodies from the states and yes, i got 15 rolls of double-sided tape so i can continue scrapbooking! the picture above is at the parthenon in athens. unfortunately most of it is under construction but it was still amazing to see. here are the rest of the pictures from our time together.