Saturday, December 22, 2007

nothing new

i'd had a few people ask me why i haven't been posting. really it's because there's nothing new to report. we're nestled in most days/nights (besides going to work) because it's rainy and cold and most all of the restaurants on the pennisula close in the winter.

we are almost through the christmas parties. one more tonight. i don't mean to make it sound like i don't enjoy christmas parties, but sometimes when there are several in a week it gets tiring. we're looking forward to having about 20 of our friends over on christmas eve. we'll all head to the christmas eve service at 5:30 held in a cave, and then have hot chocolate, cocktails and dessert at our house. we will also play yankee swap (aka white elephant) with the gifts everyone brings. finally we'll be watching national lampoon's christmas vacation (my favorite holiday classic). on christmas day our friends are hosting christmas breakfast and then we're going over to the galley on base to serve the troops christmas lunch. we will certainly miss being with our family and friends for christmas. we hope each of you have a very merry christmas!
last night we watched this holiday classic. is it one of yours? we absolutely love it. what are your favorite christmas movies??

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