Tuesday, December 11, 2007

christmas partied out

do you get like me and feel pooped for christmas?? i love this time of the year but with all the things you have to do-baking, shopping, and parties- sometimes it's just so tiring. i woke up with a little cold today and i'm sure it's because last week caught up with me. we had something every single night. and we're only on dec 11...there are 4 more parties i know of; including one we're hosting on christmas night. sometimes we get wrapped up in the busyness of christmas and forget what it's all about. it's about celebrating the birth of jesus christ. it's a time to reflect on what christ's entering the world means for your soul. it's spending sweet precious time with family and friends whom you love.

so today, as my body was telling me to slow down, i was able to reflect on what is important about christmas. i was able to spend some time in prayer. and i was thinking of all of you whom i love and miss very much.

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