Monday, November 12, 2007

today we remember...

you are over there in a country far away from home.
today you may not even get a hot meal.
tomorrow you might be sleeping on a concrete floor.
a few weeks ago you missed your kids and wife so much you could feel it in your gut.
in 2 weeks your sister is getting married but you won't be able to make it.
you still have nightmares of that day when the bomb went off and your best friend died in your arms.

we will never know what it is like for you there.
we may not ever fully understand all the ways you have risked your life for us.
you and i will probably never meet.
but today i would like to take a moment to say:
we thank you for protecting our freedom.
we thank you for fighting for us.
we are grateful for your sacrifice.
we are humbled by your bravery.
we ask God to protect and watch over you.
we remember all of the heros who have sacrificed their lives.
Prayer on Veterans Day
"Dear Lord Jesus Christ, those whom we honor today are examples of your words: "Greater love than this no one has: that he lay down his life for his friends." They gave up their lives in the defense of freedom for their loved ones and their country. Teach me to appreciate the virtue of patriotism -- a true and Christian love of country. Let me love my country, not to follow it blindly but to make it the land of goodness that it should be. Let my patriotism be such that it will not exclude the other nations of the world, but include them in a powerful love of country that has room for all others too."
- St. Joseph People's Prayer Book

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Joy said...

what a nice tribute. thanks for sharing.