Thursday, November 8, 2007

puppy shampoo

to tell this story, you first need to know our morning routine. ken wakes up between 5:15-5:30 every day and takes echo on a short walk.

afterwards, he brings her back to bed with me so she can snooze for a couple more hours. ken tells me he loves me and then gives me a kiss goodbye. i mumble something resembling "i love you too. have a good day."

this morning it was a little different.

ken: "echo is mad at me."

me: "why is she mad at you?" i said half asleep.

ken: "she's mad because i had to use her shampoo."

me: (i thought i was dreaming but then i realized ken was talking to me.) "what??"

ken: "there wasn't any shampoo in the shower except for echo's so i had to use it."

me: "no you didn't." i motioned for him to bend his head down so i could smell. yep, his hair smelled of echo's jasmine-scented puppy shampoo. "sorry, honey. i finished off the bottle last night when i took a shower. there is more shampoo in the storage cabinet. i just forgot to put it in the shower. i'm really sorry."


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Laura Willard said...

Very funny story! So did you use it too???