Sunday, September 23, 2007

double-sided tape

ughhh....i can't find it anywhere on this island!! we went out ALL DAY looking for it last week. sometimes i get so frustrated looking all day for something I NEED, especially when it involves driving all over town going to all kinds of random greek stores only to come up empty-handed. well i guess we did find a substitute, except that after taping down 25 pages of my wedding album (that i finally finished after 3 years) everything taped down started coming up. i should have known to only stick with 3M, NOT something made in greece! thank goodness my sister is coming next weekend and bringing 10 packs of 3M double-sided tape. yay...scrapbooking CAN go on!! note to 3M: please sell your tape here in greece...specifically crete! by the way, i'm really making headway on my scrapbooking projects. i have almost finished my wedding album and i have finished to date ken's navy career album that will be a work-in-progress until he retires. i'll take pictures of a few pages and post them on my next blog entry. i have a good friend here, katherine, who loves scrapbooking and we have a routine of going to the gym and scrapbooking almost every day during the week. so the whole reason for this post is to all you scrapbookers out glad you can run to target anytime you run out of 3M double-sided tape!!!! you are lucky! don't take for granted what you have available at your fingertips.

i'm SO EXCITED for my sister to come. we are spending 7 days on the island going to beaches and ruins, and then an overnight spa trip to the east side of the island. we're also taking a girl's trip to athens for 4 first time to see the "big city." it will be really good to see ash!! i've been kind of lonely lately really missing my family and friends.

i've been neglecting my blog lately...maybe it's all the football i've been watching. surprisingly we've been able to catch several games. whether it's an 8pm or 3am game, we've been watching. and the navy games have been streamed through our computer that we connect to our TV to watch so that makes ken happy. so far, navy has done pretty well at 2-2, texas at 4-0 (narrowly missing an upset by south florida), and texas tech has been doing well until the heartbreaking loss to okla state this weekend bringing us to 3-1. a BIG SHOUT OUT to MICHIGAN STATE for handing notre dame a new starting record of 0-4. go spartans! ken thinks for sure it's navy's year to beat notre dame this year and i think he's probably right!

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