Thursday, August 2, 2007

when in rome...

the colosseum as the romans do! ken and i have been gone for the last 2 weeks on a vacation/work trip to italy. this time we took the train from naples to rome for a long weekend. the trip started off a little shaky when i left my purse on the train. the train was continuing on to milan so i thought i would never see it again. i had all of my identification - DL, passport, and military ID - in it. i have never lost a purse or had one stolen so i was very upset. i went to trenitalia customer service and they called the conducter of the train. i was in luck...the purse was right where i left it!!! it got to go for quite an extensive trip around italy. first to milan, then florence, up to trieste and back down to rome!! the train guard brought it back to me later that day! i was so thankful. :)

st. peter's basilica

trevi fountain at night

the rest of our trip was fantastic! we spent 3 full days jetting around rome. we got to see everything! it was easily my favorite place in italy so far. my favorite site was the colosseum forum ruins. the most disappointing site was the vatican. don't get me wrong...the sistine chapel is quite amazing but you have to walk around for 2 hours before you get to it. i wasn't particularly impressed with the vatican museums. and we didn't get to see the pope. :( no one does!

sistine chapel ceiling (don't tell them i took this picture!!)after rome, ken had a week of work and then he went back to greece. i stayed an extra week with our friends heidi and carl.

we had a great time!!! here are the rest of the photos from the trip:

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