Sunday, August 26, 2007

farewell andy!

we had to say goodbye to one of our good friends, andy, on friday. :( we will miss him very much! we had a 'sing off,' aka a 'send off' karaoke-and-washer-tourney-style last weekend. we had shirts made with this picture on it that said "andy's sing off."

although we'll miss him, we're glad he's being co-located in san diego with his wife who is a pharmicist for the navy. they've been married for over a year and haven't lived together yet!! fair winds andy...we hope to be stationed with you and tiff again down the road. until then, we wish you both the very BEST!

my camera starting working again and i snapped this picture of echo. it was too cute not to share...
well it's back to work for ken tomorrow. vacation is over. :( although we're going away to santorini for our anniversary next weekend! we had fun for the first half of our camping trip to elafonisi but the winds were causing our tent to buckle down in our faces (yes, it was a flashback to the grand canyon trip my senior year of college for those who were there), so we packed up at 2am and drove home. we got all the basics accomplished though. we taught echo how to swim and boogie board, grilled hotdogs and made smores over the campfire, and taught some italian kids on vacation how to play horseshoes. yesterday we went to the lake on the island about 45 minutes from our house. it's a beautiful lake but no dice on motor boats, so ken's hopes to get in some wakeboarding were dashed.

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