Tuesday, August 7, 2007

boardgame mania!!

on saturday we had "gamefest 2007." we had 6 2-person teams and a round robin style of playing yahtzee, sorry, boggle & uno, hearts, golden tee, and washers. ken and john's team, aka "terd ferguson" won the tourney. they are proudly displaying their 1st place trophy above. kyle made the trophies and did a great job on them. ken and i had the boardgame fever and decided to break out the game of life on sunday night. ken had never played and i beat him 3 times! i highly recommend everyone turn off the t.v. and play some board games with your family. quality time...you can't beat it and you can't ever get it back.

looks like candice and doug have set a date -- october 11, 2008. so count on us being in the states for hopefully 2-3 weeks. we would like to stay through the 25th so ken can go to his 10 year reunion at the academy. i just came across this picture of doug down on his knee proposing...how cute is he??

changing gears, i have to tell you a sad story. i was visiting heidi in italy last week and she was telling me how the italians go on vacation for 3-4 weeks and let their dogs off their chain to fend for themselves. well yesterday, i was taking echo on her morning walk and saw the dog 2 houses down was off its chain. (all dogs in greece are outside dogs usually tied up on a chain.) i walked it back and luckily the owners were outside so i walked up to them and pointed and said ' esy skylos' (your dog). the woman shook her head and said 'oxe skylos' (no dog). and she motioned for him to go away. i was confused for a minute before i noticed they were packing up the car with suitcases fastened to the top. sure enough a few minutes later they drove off! we continued on our walk and fluffy dog joined us. then 1 mile later the squatty cocker spaniel joined us outside his house. the gate was closed so i knew he didn't just get out. i was talking to my vet about this later in the day and he said it's normal for people to do this, especially in august. they expect the neighbors to feed them or the dog to get by. if the dog comes back when they return, great. if not, then they just get another one. i know i can't take all the dogs in, but i am going to feed & water them at their houses each day. poor skylos.

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