Wednesday, August 29, 2007

are you ready for some football...llll....llllll??!!

we're only a few days from the greatest time of year! not it's not my birthday or july 4th. it's not christmas, thanksgiving or st. patrick's day. yes, ladies and gents, college football is 3 days from kicking off!! the rush i get in anticipation of watching the first game is unexplainable. really, somewhere in there most people think i must be a boy. i can't help it. I JUST LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! living in greece certainly presents its challenges in watching games but the armed forces network is faithful in producing a few games each weekend. i know i won't be able to catch all of the texas tech games but thankfully through the internet i can listen to them. although ken and i are super-excited to go to santorini this weekend to celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we're bummed to miss afn carrying the navy football game live (thank goodness for tivo!)

here's the cutest promo pic for kicking off the college football season ever! ken and i wanted little travis william smith to have proper clothing to cheer navy on! his parents are our friends in austin, jason and dawn. ken and jason went to the academy together. go navy! go texas tech! and if ken were writing this blog entry he would say, go texas! (then i would puke!)

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