Sunday, July 15, 2007

kriti bowling and beaches

dawn celebrating a strikedawn sneaking in behind uscory getting bowling tips from walker
ken in action

this weekend the LT j.g. association (consisting of only cory and john) put together a bowling nite at mega bowl. i wasn't sure what a kriti bowling experience would be like, but it was quite fun and the place was really nice. the last hour turned into "cosmic-style/glow-in-the-dark" bowling which was really cool. i only bowled a 66 the first game (not sure what happened), but finished up my 4th game in second place at 141. cory won every game except the first one he tied with ken. i have a new find a sport cory is NOT good at and beat him at it. not sure it's possible....he seems to be one of those all-around athletes who tries something and immediately reaches proficiency.

kriti bank story... (you will love this!)
so dawn went to the bank to make her rent deposit to her landlord's bank account. the teller told her it was now 1.50 eu to make a deposit. (umm...what? paying to make a deposit??) so she gave them a 50 eu bill and the bank teller said, "no, no change." what? dawn stepped back and said to him, "this is a bank, right?" he said "yes, but have no change. kiosk next door." (a kiosk is a quick-pick store where you can buy drinks, lotto tickets, newspapers, etc.) dawn had a hard time believing a bank could not make change, but she followed the teller's instruction and got change at the kiosk. then she returned with the exact 1.50 eu needed to make a deposit. what can i say...this is one of those "endoxy" moments, or what i affectionately refer to as a 'kristism'.

finally, we went back to falasarna beach (where we took colleen in april and received microdermabrasions from the blowing sand.) it was about the same...still got free microdermabrasions although they weren't as intense so we didn't have to retreat to the rocks. we set up washers on the beach and the greeks were fascinated by this game. we had a few spectators stop by who seemed like they wanted to learn how to play. or maybe they were just saying "crazy americans" to themselves?? after we left the beach joe led us to a fantastic sicilian restaurant where we enjoyed some great pasta dishes. we'll definitely go back!! later that night we went to alan's house for a fish fry. he had a great spread with homemade sushi, fried fish, homemade jalapeno poppers and fish chowder. so much food we all got doggy bags and ken and i had the yummy leftovers after church today. a great weekend in crete!! :)

ken and joe were the first to brave the super-cold western crete water at falasarna beach
dawn thought kicking sand on kyle would slow he and don down in the washers tourney but they dominated everyone all day!

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