Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the small things that bring me joy and laughter...

WE HAVE A/C IN THE LIVING ROOM NOW! (previously we have just had a small a/c unit in the master bedroom.) ya hoo!!!! it was getting a little too hot for me. european a/c units mount outside with a vent unit wired through the wall. this one has been humming along for 10 mins and brings a nice cool breeze into the house. a little piece of heaven i tell ya. the greek guy installing it was funny...he liked to sing. if you ask me, we should all sing more often and for no reason at all. i asked him if he and his helper wanted a drink and they looked at me with the "what the heck did you just say?" look i am accustomed to, and then i said, "coca-cola?" both replied with an emphatic "yes! coca-cola!!" ahhh...some words are universal! :) then i brought them some of the ice cream cycles that our greek friends brought over on sunday and it seemed to make their day. it's the small things that bring joy and laughter...even if you can't speak the same language other than "coca-cola!"

my greek neighbor friend, eri, who is a christian was telling me the other day that her neighbor asked her if ken and i were jehovah's witnesses. what? seriously. i asked eri why she would think that. she said it was because ken and i always smile at this woman and say yassas (hello) to her. now that cracked me up.

here are a few pics of our "move the brick oven" party we had on sunday afternoon. we invited people over for a cookout and didn't tell them why (not that you need a reason to have a cookout). we just told them to bring swimsuits and an appetite. ken needed help with moving the brick oven up higher on more centerblocks. it took 7 guys and even though it was heavy, ("really heavy" according to one), they were kind and gracious to help, and happy to be fed a variety of meat/chicken/pork, ken's yummy potato salad, greek salad, baked beans, and an awesome array of desserts our greek friends brought.

ken and the gang didn't quite get john "wetted down" on friday night at his party for his promotion, so ken pushed him in while playing washers. he couldn't keep his balance and fell in too!!
the game of washers is getting quite popular. below kyle and cory playing. even our greek friends were partaking in the fun! although i think some of them thought what is so exciting about throwing the little "disc" into the hole?
ken and echo sacked out at 9:30

ALAS, my most exciting thing of the day...the part came from the states for my car and since ken was busy, the awesome seabees fixed ernesto the trooper so i'm back up and driving. the driving-a-standard lessons in scooter the '82 opel did not fair well. i'll have to try again another time. maybe driving a newer than 25-year-old standard will be better?

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