Thursday, May 24, 2007

pics overlooking souda bay & stavros

monday we had a hail and fairwell (when we welcome the new folks and farewell the ones leaving) at a restaurant on the mountain side of souda bay opposite of our house. here are a couple of pics...ken & cort and dawn & kylealso, here's a view of stavros mountain (scene in the oscar-winning movie, zorba the greek from 1964). someday soon i will rent this movie. has anyone seen it?? i'm also including a picture of colleen and i on stavros beach. stavros is about 15-20 mins from our house.

p.s. some of you have not been able to view pics from the kodak gallery links in previous posts -- italy, cinco de mayo, track suit night, and pics from colleen's visit. i have uploaded new links in the original posts and hopefully you can now view the pictures.

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