Thursday, May 3, 2007

hot water, more track suit nite, and the DARN FLIES!

so no worries, solar heat works. yesterday, i put the water in the middle of the H/C knob and took a 20 minute shower (i was in heaven) just to test it. i couldn't move it any hotter or i would have scorched myself, and it lasted the whole time. bliss! my previous post a month ago, introduced the idea of submarine-style showers. but if you're coming to visit after may 1, no need for sub-style! don't tell the greeks i took a 20 minute shower...i don't want to be accused of being wasteful! ;-)

i've finally uploaded more pics of track suit nite...they explain themselves.

finally, the FLIES. while i now have hot water, i have flies. everywhere. this morning they were attacking me on my walk with echo. i guess i'll have to start carrying a fly swatter on our walks. i'll be the crazy lady swatting off flies while my beagle baby pulls on the leash because she's picked up the scent of a kitty, goat, rooster, etc!!

have a great day!

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