Thursday, May 10, 2007

hoorah seabees, hoorah DAVE THE SHARK

since most of you are not here, it may be hard for me to explain this in only a few words, but i'll try...hopefully the pictures tell all...

today, the two ensigns boxed it out in the 'smoker' on base (aka the gym with the awesome ring built by the 'bees)...all for a good cause - raising $$ for the seabee & navy balls. SEAN v. DAVE. SUPPLY vs. PW. sean has 20+ lbs on dave. but that didn't scare dave. dave's in tip-top shape, a marathoner by nature. sean, well, not so much. dave sparred and sparred, and practiced and practiced. the 'bees trained him. he was ready to silence all the doubters. and ladies and gents, DAVE WON! with a TKO in the 2nd round. CONGRATS DAVE!!

mama bear knew you could do it and she is PROUD!!! not to mention papa bear, aka ken, gets to keep his hair. yay! the PW or supply department head loser had a shaved head coming his way. thankfully dave silenced sean and (let's admit it, shocked and surprised many in the crowd), so ken gets to keep his hair!! in my post a few days ago on ken's 'grad school v. navy hair', i do not think ken (or i) wanted to add 'shaved head' to the mix.

we had a great ring girl, dawn, complete with a bikini...well, sort of.

fun, fun, fun times...cory put on a great boxing brawl!! thanks cory!!

all the 'bees celebrating dave's victory

p.s. on a side note, ken and i will be traveling to italia for a week. not sure if i'll get to post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout outs to: jen & michelle (the 10th), doug (what up 'bro) the llth, and pops (daddy) the 15th.

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