Wednesday, May 30, 2007

endoxy! (in DOX ee)

'all is good.' or 'ok.' but most definitely 'fine.' that's what endoxy (in DOX ee) means. i have now picked this as my favorite greek word and adapted it into my everyday english/12-word greek language. actually dawn and i were told by our husbands, "enough of the endoxy's," because we were using the word quite frequently, but...we love it, so we continue!

i should say, when i, or my new friends find a "backwards" way of doing things or find something VERY odd, we say "endoxy!" what we're really saying is, 'ok, i'll roll with it! it's weird and makes no sense, but it's all good!" it beats the heck out of complaining. which is something i try not to do much anymore. don't get me wrong, i still, and probably always will, love greece. it's endoxy. and by endoxy i mean great. and by great i mean beautiful. and by beautiful i mean a little backwards. but again, it's all endoxy. ;o)

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Joy said...

I like it - can I use it too?