Friday, May 25, 2007

echo and murphy, towing cars, and learning to drive a stick

echo loves her friend murphy, aka murph. his parents are dawn and kyle. here is a picture of the kids with their favorite friend cory.echo loading up in scooter...she was ready to go for a ride with daddy.

ernesto the trooper died on me yesterday about 3 miles from the base. ken had someone tow him while he steered. (just ask my brother, i'm not good at driving a car being towed!) side story...sometimes little brothers tell their big sisters not to go out in the snow. and sometimes big sisters don't listen, get stuck in the snow, and have to call their little brothers to help them out. some big sisters don't know you should not step on the brakes when being towed. doing such things causes fish-tailing drama, near-misses with other cars, and very upset brothers and sisters!!

because ernesto died, i had my first driving lesson in scooter. andy was my teacher and echo was with us for support. in the short 3-mile drive back to base, i only stalled scooter 3 times. :) i MUST learn how to drive a standard so i'm not stuck at the house!!

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