Monday, May 21, 2007

a day to be lazy...

i feel like i'm still recovering from italy. and ken may be just as tired as i am but poor thing, he had to go back to work today. actually he had to go back to work yesterday. when the power goes out on base, he gets a 6:30am call.

i'm brewing some coffee right now and i can't wait until my H-E-B cafe 'ole taste of austin cup is ready. my best friend joni finds it odd that i shipped myself 8 bags of this delicious coffee before i left. "the coffee there is so good!" yes, she is right. i have it often out in town and on base. but having a cup of 'taste of austin', introduced to me by my neighbor and friend in austin, nancy, somehow makes me feel more at home.

yesterday at church, chaplain don (chaps) spoke on john 4 - the samaritan woman at the well. one of my favorite accounts in the bible. yesterday, i learned something new. jesus did not have to go through samaria to get back to galilee. but he did. and spoke to a unclean woman who was a prostitute. jews viewed samaritans as unclean because they took judiasm and twisted and changed it to their liking. jews didn't hang out with samaritans. even the disciples traveling with jesus were like, "jesus, what are you doing??" but that's why he's jesus, and that's why i love this story. he breaks the ethnic and cultural rules to reach out to someone who most would not and asks her for a drink. of course at the end he gives her the drink, the eternal living water and she becomes a christ-follower. then jesus went into samaria to hang out with the people for 2 days. that's just cool. a testimony of loving people no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they do.

echo is wondering when mommy will stop being lazy and take her for a walk so away i must go...

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