Saturday, May 19, 2007

!ciao italia!

the shrimp dance and talk in italia

heidi and i at castel nuovo (the new castle) built in 1279
contrary to popular belief, ken does have other shirts besides his beloved UT get-up
on the bus to anacapri; view of capri harbour

at our hotel in anacapri

ken had a work training in naples so i tagged along this past week. we loved the areas around naples, e.g. the coastal towns, the amalfi coast and capri, but we left downtown naples behind happily. maybe it was the garbage strike that happened right before we got there and piles, i mean PILES of trash everywhere. maybe it was the smell. or the crazy roads. no, it might have been the crazy drivers. bo would love it; everybody lays on their horn for as long as possible. the naples airport is one big parking lot with everyone honking until they get out of the round-about.

we really enjoyed seeing heidi (and madison their chocolate lab), who lives there with her husband carl (he was in our wedding). carl was on a work trip while we were there, although we did run into him on base right before we left which was fun! on saturday heidi played tour guide to ken, john (new ensign who works for ken), and me, even though she was a little sick. what a trooper!! thanks heidi, you're the BEST! we went down to castel nuovo (the new castle, which is funny because it was built in 1279), ate on the napoli harbour, checked out the super-target-like NEX (more on that later), saw their fanastic apartment near the beach about 30 mins from downtown naples, and ate a yummy dinner. yes, the food was great. the red wine was very good and cheap. (i don't think i've mentioned this before but the cretan red wine isn't my favorite. i've learned if you can see through it, you will be getting a headache later!) we paid 1,50eu for a half liter of house red wine at a restaurant we went to twice. capri, however was quite expensive. we paid 20,00eu for a pizza, water, and cappuchino at lunch. then we scored a great place for dinner for only 65,00eu which included 3/4 liter house red wine, 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, a side dish of grilled veggies, dessert, and a cappuchino. the meals were more rushed; like the timeframe you would spend eating in the states. no 3-4 hour dinners in italy. sometimes in greece these are great...depending on how tired you are. another difference that i really valued was that i could halfway communicate in italy. i understood some of the signs and some of what italians were saying since the language is so similar to spanish. i even communicated with a man working at a gas station only to find out i got us lost 1 hour out of the way when we were trying to find amalfi. john took over navigation duties after that!

the naples nex might be the only reason i would want us to be stationed in naples. it was amazing!! we spent 45 mintues in there with the guys on saturday, and then jenna (john's girlfriend) and i went back for a half day on monday. it was great because i purchased everything there and they shipped it for free back to our base. our nex is very small and doesn't carry all of my brands of toothpaste, deoderant, face wash, not to mention a wide variety of tennis shoes, other shoes, and clothes.
but i have to admit i was glad to leave the pizza and pasta behind, especially since 5 lbs of it decided to tag along with me :o( !! nice parting gift! andy, ken, john and i were very anxious to get back to our quaint little island, and being in naples gave us further appreciation for crete! ken and i were quite ready to get back to echo as well. she kind of had a rough week since she went for a 8 hour unaccompanied excursion and left misc. accidents for her babysitters. as a house-trained dog, i guess she was just acting out against her parents who left her?!?!???
more pics of our trip:

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