Wednesday, April 11, 2007

YAY! Internet at home!!

ALAS! we have dsl internet here at home!! it was very difficult to check email on base because the wireless internet at the club only worked half the time. i have finally finishing putting together the house just in time for my first visitor, colleen who arrives tomorrow. she will be here for a week and we plan on taking a couple of day trips around the west and central part of crete to see some well-known beaches, churches, ruins, and monasteries. we are also going with my new friend erin on an overnight trip to the east part of the island to see irakleion, knossos, and hersonissos. i'll post pictures of our adventures. i am sure we are going to get lost as we explore...the only question is how many times!!


Anonymous said...

Love keeping up with your blog...keep posting!!!
love ya, aunt deb

Claire said...

Cort! I have so much fun and take mental notes of all the places you need to take me!!!