Saturday, April 28, 2007


one of ken's b-day presents, a brick oven, (he also got a cross necklace, a greek 'devotion' statue, and a olive oil sprayer, or what we affectionately call 'le misteure' ((obviously french but i bought it here in crete)).

the birthday kids (dawn and ken), and kyle and i presenting their cakes

the game of washers might be getting too intense???????????????
i love celebrating birthdays! especially if it's someone i heart (love!) KEN!! we had a great time celebrating today. ken made pizzas and we had a great time introducing (to the northerners) the game of washers --- red-neck version!!! ken shared the birthday of my new friend, dawn, and they schooled EVERYONE in the game of washers (until the end when i teamed up with my hubby to have a THROW-DOWN against dawn and her hubby, kyle!!!) ken and i then schooled them southern-style, and i think dawn might know how washers is played now ! :)

happy birthday honey, continued!!!!

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